White's Family Farmhouse is a family owned and operated farm nestled in the quiet Town of Maine, NY.

I am a local resident of Broome County, born and raised. I enjoy the outdoors and all that it has to offer, from nourishment to entertainment. Over the years, my interests have led me to learn about sustainable farming. This has led me to the desire to provide healthy, nutritious food for not only my family but for the community as a whole.

I live minutes from the farm with my wife, Kelly, and our three boys, Camden, Carson, and Cooper. Each family member plays some sort of role in the farm, from feeding the animals to packaging products to tidying up. Family time is important to us, and I am blessed to have my family by my side. 

My father, Robert, grew up as the son of, and eventually became, the owner of White's Greenhouses, gaining extensive knowledge in horticulture. Through both of our knowledge and passion for sustainability evolved the idea to start a regenerative sustainable farm venture that supports our family and also the local community.