Coturnix Quail

Our quails are raised and bred for health, size, and egg production. They are considered jumbo as the vast majority reach over 10 oz at 8-10 weeks. We offer our quails as 1-3 week olds, juveniles, laying hens, males, and breeding groups (1 male and 5 females).

Hatching Eggs

We offer chicken, duck, and quail hatching eggs. Our hatching eggs are laid and collected daily. Clean eggs are immediately packaged for delivery or shipping. Our flock is tested by the State and Federal Government and are NPIP Certified and AI Clean. This means our farm meets various standards for cleanliness and our flock has been blood tested and determined to be healthy and clean. Furthermore, our flocks are fed freshly ground feed, sourced locally and containing no fillers.


We offer purebred rabbits, and rabbit mixes.. We breed our rabbits for health, temperament, and processed size. They are perfect for your breeding program or rabbitry. We mix-breed our rabbits to encourage some mixed breeding vigor in our grow outs and breeders.


We offer both hens, roosters, chicks and hatching eggs. Our chickens are pasture raised and moved frequently to new areas. The are used to electric netting.


We offer hens, drakes, chicks, and hatching eggs. Our ducks are pure Muscovy Ducks, which are good foragers. Our ducks are pasture raised on large areas of grass, and moved often. Our ducks are supplemented with high quality local feed.

Muscovy Ducks lay large eggs that are great for backing. They are also great mothers and will readily hatch their own eggs.


We offer Mixed pigs that are raised on pasture and in the woods. They are moved often, and are given lots of space to run around and play. They are raised within electric wire and electric netting. They are provided a quality local feed, which they enjoy.