Farmhouse Basket - White's Family Farmhouse
Farmhouse Basket - White's Family Farmhouse
Farmhouse Basket - White's Family Farmhouse
Farmhouse Basket - White's Family Farmhouse

Farmhouse Basket

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🌾 Discover the Bounty of White's Family Farmhouse with Our Limited Edition Farmhouse Basket: A Culinary Symphony of Pasture-Raised Eggs, Savory Meats, and Fresh Vegetables—Available In-Season for 10 Weeks Only!

Transform your kitchen into a haven of farm-fresh goodness with White's Family Farmhouse Farmhouse Basket—a curated collection that embodies the essence of our sustainable and ethical farming practices. This limited edition basket features the best of our pasture-raised offerings, combining the wholesome richness of eggs, savory meats, and a vibrant vegetable selection. Available in-season for just 10 weeks, this is your opportunity to savor the farm-to-table difference!

🥚 Pasture-Raised Perfection: Indulge in the superior quality of our pasture-raised chicken eggs, each one a testament to the natural and ethical practices that define White's Family Farmhouse. Our hens roam freely, resulting in eggs that boast a rich flavor and vibrant golden yolks, delivering a true farm-fresh experience to your table.

🍖 Savory Meat Selection: Experience the pinnacle of farm-to-fork delight with our carefully chosen meat product. Whether it's succulent cuts of pasture-raised chicken or another premium selection, our meats embody the commitment to ethical farming, providing you with a savory centerpiece for your meals.

🌽 Vibrant Vegetable Bounty: Enliven your plate with the season's freshest vegetables, handpicked and included in our Farmhouse Basket. From crisp greens to vibrant root vegetables, each item is a celebration of nature's bounty, delivering a rainbow of flavors and nutrients straight from our fields to your kitchen.

🍽️ A Culinary Adventure Awaits: Immerse yourself in a culinary journey with the Farmhouse Basket—a carefully curated ensemble designed to elevate your cooking experience. Whether you're crafting hearty breakfasts, wholesome dinners, or vibrant salads, each ingredient is thoughtfully selected to bring the essence of our farm to your table.

📅 Available In-Season for 10 Weeks Only: Don't miss your chance to experience the Farmhouse Basket! This limited edition offering is available in-season for just 10 weeks, allowing you to savor the freshness and variety that defines White's Family Farmhouse. Secure your basket and embark on a culinary adventure with the best our farm has to offer.

🌱 Why Choose White's Family Farmhouse Farmhouse Basket?

  • Limited edition combination of eggs, meat, and vegetables
  • Pasture-raised eggs for superior flavor and quality
  • Savory meat selection from ethical farming practices
  • Vibrant vegetables handpicked in-season
  • Available for 10 weeks only, ensuring freshness and variety

🛒 Elevate Your Culinary Experience: Embrace the farm-to-table difference with White's Family Farmhouse Farmhouse Basket. Order now and immerse yourself in the seasonal bounty that defines our commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices!

Embark on a seamless journey of farm-fresh goodness with White's Family Farmhouse Farmhouse Basket, available for individual purchase or through our convenient Subscription/CSA option. Opting for a single basket allows you to experience the culinary delight of our limited edition offering, brimming with pasture-raised eggs, savory meats, and vibrant vegetables, all thoughtfully curated for your enjoyment. For those seeking an ongoing connection to the bounty of our farm, our Subscription/CSA option offers a hassle-free way to receive these treasures regularly throughout the 10-week season. Indulge in the simplicity of having the Farmhouse Basket arrive at your doorstep, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh, ethically sourced ingredients for your culinary adventures. Choose the flexibility that suits your needs and elevate your kitchen experience with the farm-to-table excellence that defines White's Family Farmhouse.


Pre-ordering your Farmhouse Basket not only secures your basket but also supports our farm and allows us to plan ahead. So, don your imaginary overalls, take a stroll through our virtual barn, and let's make this pre-order process an extraordinary experience for you!

The Farmhouse Basket is only available in season

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Farmhouse Basket - White's Family Farmhouse

Farmhouse Basket

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